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4 Essential Parts to Exhibition Graphic Design

For a long time exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences have been a great place to drum up business, launch a product, and cement your reputation within the industry. Anyone who has ever been to one of these events will know how busy they are.

Exhibition graphics are an integral part of the trade show, and they can be the difference between bagging the sale or not. If you’re due to exhibit soon, don’t sign off your graphics until you’re sure they do all of the following:


The positioning of your graphics is essential to attracting audience attention. Make sure they’re in a prominent position at your stand and can be clearly seen around the venue. You also need to make sure that your images and messages are well positioned on the design itself.

Don’t have any important information too close to the bottom as people won’t see this. Reserve this space for your website URL as once your images have drawn them in, your audience will look for more information.


What message do you want your graphics to give? It needs to create maximum impact and should be the one thing your audience remembers. Make sure your product is prominent on the stand, as is your call to action. Keep it simple, keep it effective.

If you want to give more information, keep relevant business literature near the stand for people to look at. This way, your stand is kept simple and memorable. Whether you want to make a sale, increase your enquiries, or just raise awareness, make sure your graphics do this.


At a busy trade show or exhibition, you don’t have as long as you would online to captivate your audience. You have to grab their attention in a few seconds, so make your graphics count. Use the little space you do have to show vibrant and interesting images.

You should include a company name, but don’t have this as the main feature. Unless of course, you’re launching your company. Whatever you’re selling, keep it at eye level so as to create the biggest impact.

Less is More

With limited space and limited time, don’t over complicate your design. Keep it simple, and memorable. If you must include text, keep it to bullet points so that only the most important information is prominent.

Bear in mind the background colour of your graphics if you’re including text. Busy or coloured backgrounds may make text hard to read. If in doubt, keep it minimal to keep it highly effective. You have time later to wow customers with your facts and figures. Focus now on winning them over.

Great graphic design can be the difference between you standing out, or fading into the background but if it all sounds a bit too much, there are professionals who can guide you. RB Design & Display have produced a variety of exhibition stand graphics, so if you are in need of some inspiration, take a look at their website. After all, you want to create the best impression and make an impact.

Ultimately, you want to make sure the right people are attracted to your stand and buy your products. You’re a unique company, so make sure your graphics reflect this.