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4 of every 10 Senior Executives Do Not Measure Customer Lifetime Value

The preservation of already acquired customers seems to be left behind among the priorities when it competes with the acquisition of new, as you review a recent global study on the subject and as it would confirm a new report from Forbes Insights and Sitecore, which points out that the main goal of marketing organizations is to win new customers.

Research, carried out in the United States, reveals that the senior executives (312 respondents), while recognising that the average customer lifetime value (CLV) is high or extremely important, it is only calculated in 58 per cent of the time. In fact 24 per cent has no plans to calculate it or don't know how to do it, while 47 percent do not know the full potential of the GLC.

The finding points to that the focus is on the acquisition, as it shows 49 percent of participants who opt for that option focused on earnings growth. But marketing technology also plays an interesting role, because while 94 per cent believe to keep customers of life is among the main goals, only 49 percent, are satisfied with as technology marketing, auda to achieve this purpose.

The variety of tools that are used, are another factor. Participants reported on average 36 systems of data collection, and even some sellers exceed the hundred of systems. So while 53 percent give priority to the development of a unique vision and staff for each client (priority between the marketeros worldwide) facing technological challenges such as multiplicity/duplication of data (41 percent), too many systems/difficulties to make tracking of data storage, (38%) and isolated data (37 per cent).

As a result, 62 per cent of participants considered its priority to create a central database of customers that has all the information of the experiences with the consumer, and 59 percent feel that it is a priority to have a single system, to reach the potential digital channels experiences with customers.