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4 Reasons Why Your Online Marketing Strategy Is Failing

Having trouble getting your online marketing campaign off the ground? Well here’s some advice – it’s not your market to blame, it’s you. The Internet is constantly evolving, and consequently many the marketing techniques that worked five years ago are actually pretty ineffective today.  So if you’re struggling to generate traffic for your clients or your own business, it may be time to take another look at your practices. For example, here are a few reasons why your online marketing techniques might be losing you more traffic than they’re earning.

1)      You’re still spamming. E-mail marketing is a good thing. Abusing your contact list to spam everyone with sales letters is not. If you want your email campaign to be successful, you need to approach it correctly. Acquire contacts by getting them to sign up for your newsletter voluntarily rather than just purchasing a listserv. Additionally, you should only send out a relevant, readable newsletter once a week at most. Nobody wants to be spammed, plus focusing on the quality rather than quantity of content will net you more sales in the long run.

2)      You’re focusing on sales rather than retention. As Groupon’s business model has shown, bringing in a bunch of one-off customers does not a successful company make. If you want to succeed in this economy, you need to build a reliable customer base. Try focusing on retaining customers by taking some of the focus off of your aggressive marketing strategy and shifting it to customer service and post-sale support. The more customers you retain, the easier it will be to generate new business.

3)      You’re relying on cheap gimmicks. You might think you’re being original by offering new customers a free gift, or advertising that you use a credit card virtual terminal like those trendy Brooklyn coffee shops, but you aren’t. Your fellow business owners value integrity and authenticity, so if you really want to win them over try being open and honest with your sales pitches. Get creative, but don’t let that creativity lead you into the dark land of gimmicks.

4)      You have no idea how to use social media. Just because you have a Facebook page doesn’t mean that you know how to use it. Far too often, businesses mistake their social media profiles as mouthpieces for ads and sales pitches when in reality they’re anything but. Social profiles are supposed to connect you with your customers, and you should use them as such. Rather than spamming marketing content, try engaging with people by sharing fun information, uploading cool pictures and being “a nice guy.” In the end, this will take you a lot farther than your current social strategy will.

If your attempts at online marketing have fallen flat, then it’s probably due to one of these common errors. So take a minute to reevaluate your strategy and modify it in a way that actually communicates to your customers in their language, not just the language you think they speak. You’d be surprised at how just a little change in strategy can turn an abysmal online marketing campaign into a winning one.