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4 Reminders for Your B2B Sales Team

Choosing to start or manage a B2B company instead of B2C comes with a unique set of challenges. However, sometimes it’s your sales team that needs the most support, especially if any of your employees come from a B2C background. When you’re working with “peers” who likely know a few things about the products and industry and not “just” consumers, your approach needs to be adjusted. Are you sure that everyone on your sales team is using tactics designed for fellow businesses?

For example, selling quality medical devices to clinics is far different than selling them direct to consumers. You don’t need to focus on educating your B2B clients about the benefits because they already know them. Instead, you need to inform them of the latest models and changes while offering a knowledgeable staff and competitive prices. There’s room for industry jargon and the marketing of the product (unless of course you’ve created the product yourself) isn’t as important as the delivery.

Here are a few things to remind your sales team about to ensure they’re on the right B2B path:

1. Be wary of “talking down”

If someone on your team is now selling oxygen masks to local clinics but has a long background working retail clothing shops, they might have a “strong sell” approach. This can come off as condescending or as if they’re talking down to clients. What’s informative in one landscape is “dumbing it down” in some B2B scenarios.

2. Transparency is key

When you’re selling to those in the industry, they already know all the tricks, jargon and gimmicks. It’s your job to be open, honest and transparent so that customers get the information they need. There’s no room for smoke and mirrors when everyone is in the same business.

3. Respect the client’s time

There’s an unspoken rule in like businesses that everyone gets that everyone else is busy. The best way to build client relationships is to show respect, and that starts with not wasting time. Keep introductions short and sweet as a sign of solidarity.

4. Be more prepared than you expect

When customers know you’re in the industry, they expect you to know every possible caveat of the products you’re selling as well as the business. For newbie salespeople, it can be challenging to catch up quickly. Keep everyone on track with regular trainings.

B2B might be a little more demanding at times, but there’s a trade-off: You don’t have to start from scratch with clients.