The 4 Signs of an Olympian Level Marketing Team Going for Gold


Watch a gymnast on the balance beam or a swimmer lunging through the lane in 400-meter medley, and it can be easy to...


Watch a gymnast on the balance beam or a swimmer lunging through the lane in 400-meter medley, and it can be easy to forget just how much physical strength goes into looking that graceful. Olympic athletes take fitness seriously, turning their bodies into machines.

Similarly, marketers need strong, robust tools to compete in today’s rapid-fire environment. They need to dabble in an unprecedented number of tactics (email marketing, content production, lead generation, social media, direct and online ads, to name just a few). And as the team scales out its efforts, they need to trust their tools won’t fail when things heat up.


There are many Olympic events where the athletes need to perform more than one function.  In these high-pressure sports, the athletes need to effortlessly move from one event to the next.

Marketing isn’t so different. While one member of your team might specialize in demand generation while another focuses on product, no one can afford to fly solo. You need the flexibility to comprehend and participate in multiple functions.


Olympic athletes dedicate their entire lives to making the cut, and ultimately, bringing home a medal. They spend countless hours not only practicing their sport, but also studying how to improve their performance and endurance.  They watch video footage of themselves, examining the little touches that can make all difference to winning a medal for their country.

Marketers can’t rest on their laurels, either. The best take time to hone their skills and pick up new ones. They take education courses to expand their knowledge, download eBooks and analyst reports, and attend webinars. Even more importantly, marketers need to benchmark their efforts to understand what’s working and what isn’t.


Most Olympic athletes are part of a team with one clear goal and that’s to be the best!  To achieve this they need a game plan and a strategy.

Winning marketers need to work with sales as a team. Whether it’s distributing messages or delivering high quality leads, they need to set and adjust a strategy for both functions to follow. This kind of collaboration requires setting clear goals, expectations and seamless communication.

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