4 Simple Tips to Liberate your Sales Team

We all know the well known Chinese Proverb:

 Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!  Working with sales draws some real parallels to this proverb.  In my lastest blog post I will share with you 4 simple ways that you can liberate your sales team amking them more effective and freeing up some of your time too!

1. Load Content Into Email Templates
You spend a lot time crafting killer content. Do you make it easy for sales to use it?

Email remains one of sales preferred methods for communicating with leads. You can make sharing your content simple by putting it into pre-built email templates. That way, sales reps can send content to hot leads while in the field, track that interaction, and stay true to the messaging marketing has so painstakingly established.

2. Create Marketing Campaigns In a Box
Marketers, particularly those in demand generation, tend to think of marketing campaigns in sweeping terms. There are multiple touches, triggered by buyer reactions. It’s all very intricate.

But there’s no reason why individual marketing assets can’t be turned into mini-campaigns. Create “marketing campaigns in a box” by putting the assets into pre-built templates, with an easy way to email or print the content, arrange it by topic, and host it all in one place. This way, sales can do their own fast-response marketing to hot leads.

3. Teach Them How to Fish, Socially
Many salespeople have mastered the intricacies of social media. Others don’t get it. But there’s a good chance there’s a social media champ in marketing.

The best way to help sales effectively connect with buyers on social is to have marketing to develop it’s own social media playbook. This way, you can make sure they are adhering to best practices, not to mention legal requirements. (P.S. It’s all about personal branding for sales. For more on that, download our free guide.) 

4. Poll Webinar Participants
You know how valuable driving leads to webinars can be. But if you’re not polling participants, you might only be seeing half the value.

By polling attendees, you not only boost engagement, but can also pull in some valuable data for sales. For instance, you could ask their preferred method of contact. You could ask them to rate their most pressing business concerns. Or you could ask them to name where they are in the sales process. Once they’ve answered the info can be fed into the contact record, giving sales some high value info.

I hope these tips help.  I’m keen to know how you liberate your sales team so please share with me your tips.