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4 Top To-dos for Successful Social Media

4 Top To-dos for Successful Social

1. Find your Audience

Without research finding your audience online will be like trying to find a needle in a virtual haystack!  You must make sure you conduct a social media audit for your sector and identify your audience, where they are hanging out online, the articles/posts they are reading/creating and the language that they are using.

2. Pick the most RELEVANT Platforms

They saying less is more is so true when we talk about social platforms.  When starting out focus your energies on your top 3 most relevant channels for conversations and overtime you can then add to them.

3. Identify the Influencers

Crafting content and publishing posts isn’t enough. To gain credibility, you need to identifying and reach out to the key influencers in your space.  Tools such as Klout can be key here. Like the platforms start small and build this out overtime.

4.  Set Clear Goals, Track and Measure

Make sure you have the correct infrastructure in place to run reports to track referrals from your social channels and use the results to help you learn, tweak and most importantly improve. 

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