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4 Traits to Look for When Hiring a Social Media Manager

A Person Who Is Computer Savvy


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Your social media manager needs to be good with computers because he or she will spend a lot of time on the Internet, switching between social media sites, and using computer programs and apps to track progress. In general, young people are the most computer savvy and they also know their way around social media. However, that doesn't mean you should turn over your social media tasks to a 20-something college student. You need someone who is computer savvy and can also interact with customers in a professional manner.

A Creative That Has a Sense of Humor

Customers appreciate companies that share funny or creative posts. So, look for a social media manager who has a sense of humor and can create posts that get your customers smiling. Creativity is also important in a social media manager because your customers don't want to see the same information rehashed over and over again. Humor is also one of the best ways to capture the attention of new customers. It's a lot more likely for one of your funny and creative social media posts to go viral than a standard social media contest or giveaway.

Someone With Experience in Customer Service

One of the biggest goals of your social media manager is to engage and interact with customers. So, it's important to find a person who has customer service experience and real community management experience. Your social media manager is a brand ambassador and must always keep your customers happy. You wouldn't want to hire someone to manage your social media presence that doesn't understand how easy it is to offend people. It's important for your social media manager to carefully plan what to post and then manage any misunderstandings.

A Person Who Has Good Writing and Editing Skills

Your social media manager is going to create posts for your social media sites daily. Customers care about good spelling and grammar because it is a reflection of the quality of your business. So, look for a social media manager that has good writing and editing skills. For instance, if you're getting your MBA, but you also have an undergraduate degree in journalism or English, you're a good candidate for a social media manager job.

These are just a few of the traits that are helpful in a social media manager, but it's not a comprehensive list. You also want to find a social media manager that is active and popular on social media, is willing to work when needed, is dedicated to your brand, and can manage his or her time well. Do you have any other traits to add to the list? Leave a comment below.