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4 Ways Big Data is Revolutionizing the World

We have been around long enough to recognize the value of data. Confidential data that has been leaked on a large scale has been on the spotlight multiple times and has resulted in global change. The importance of data in mass quantities has gained enough attention to be given its own term; “big data”. Aptly named, it is clearly visible that the idea of big data is of paramount importance. Some of the hottest companies in the world today such as Google and Yahoo have gained their leverage with the help of big data.

Let’s look at Big Data in a little more intricate detail to find out how it can assist us in our daily lives.

•    Analyzing personal performance

Starting from a small scale perspective, the use of big idea doesn’t have to be a grand phenomenon that large scale organizations make use of to gain an edge. Today, we are in age where everything can be tracked in automation and by applying the concept of big data to ourselves; we can improve the quality of our live significantly. Innovations such as the Apple Watch help us keep track of our health and day to day actions. By analyzing our activities over a period of time, a lot can be revealed and altered to improve our overall level of progress in life. Similarly, another use of big data on a personal level is in the dating world. There are a number of services that collate personal information to find viable matches instead of people having to go through the time wasting process of approaching individuals who may not be the right fit.

•    Improving overall health

The use of big data in the health industry needs little introduction but it is a benefit that cannot be stressed on enough. In the past, studies had to be conducted with a limited sample size to discover a number of conditions and hazards in our day to day lives. Today, with the use of technology, it is possible to collect data en masse and conclude large scale tests in a short period of time with greater accuracy. Big data is also used to analyze and correct a number of health related problems. In the paediatric sector, data is being used to monitor and detect defects with infants even prior to birth.

•    Better business management

Data has immensely assisted the field of business. With the internet and greater access to data, a number of aspects can be premeditated and corrected or adjusted accordingly. With the help of social media signals and information from a company’s social footprint, they can identify demand of products and services and also gather feedback for optimizing their services. Similarly, investors and entrepreneurs can now better predict trends and needs and adapt future investments and project accordingly.

•    Data in security and law

The increasing benefit of data has come to light over the recent years where social media has constantly come to the rescue to either prevent a crime or apprehend a suspect wanted for a crime. While people may argue that the current trend of data has led to a breach of privacy, the trade-off is rather justifiable considering we are now in more capable hands in terms of law enforcement. While this has also lead to the increase of cyber threats, cyber security is also becoming more advanced and impenetrable as access to data grows. The extensive use of CCTVs and surveillance makes crime a lot more challenging and with greater technology, data is only going to make the world a safer place.
The benefits of data on a large-scale don’t just stop here. There are plenty more applications for data such as in the finance, education and other sectors. If the current availability of data was as accessible a few decades ago, mankind would have made much greater strides in optimizing various aspects of life at a much faster pace. With the every growing inventory of priceless data gathering, we can only expect the future to be a bright one going forward.