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4 Ways to Engage Your B2B Customers and Build a Lasting Relationship

The world of B2B marketing never stands still. What worked for your company several years ago is outdated, and if you aren’t keeping up with the marketing trends, you will be left behind. But no matter how much technology advances, or how many breakthrough ideas come about, one thing will always be certain: Your clients need to be drawn into your product or service in a way that engages them and makes them committed to your company. Luckily, there are many different marketing tactics you can use to accomplish this mission:

Draw Them in Online

Everyone uses the Internet. Even if your company doesn’t seem like the best fit for online purchasing, it is still crucial that you have a strong online presence. Direct Marketing News believes that every website should tell a story. It doesn’t matter if you are selling high-end printers or a consulting service, your website needs to draw in your visitors, build trust and, of course, get them to contact you.

So what is the best way to do that? You need to target your homepage to your ideal client. Demand Base recommends taking an in-depth look at your current customers to develop a persona for your target audience. Where do they live? How large is their company? What industry are they in? What did you help them accomplish with your product or service? When you can precisely narrow down whom you need to reach, you will be able to create the content needed to engage them.

Capitalize on Social Media

As you probably know, it is not enough to have a website; you also need to have a strong presence on social media. This is crucial for engaging your audience. While your website is great for information, it doesn’t offer many opportunities for interaction. According to Bite Global, social media allows you to connect with your current and potential clients on a personal level. This helps you build relationships that all but guarantee future business.

While the world of social media is very detailed, with separate rules for each platform, its success all comes down to being active in the communities it provides, offering valuable content to your followers and engaging in conversations with them. Again, social media is not about making sales (although that is the end goal); it is about getting to know your clients and prospects and allowing them to get to know you.

Personalize Your Follow-up

One of the biggest marketing mistakes B2B companies make is using automated follow-up. It is a giant waste of money and you may as well not even do it. However, if you take the time to personalize the correspondence you send, you will notice the true power of email marketing.

For example, you can keep track of when it is time for your client to restock your product. A few weeks before they are about to run out, send them an email with a friendly reminder, along with a discount code to use on their order. Always use their names, and throw in a sentence or two about their history with your company. They will feel like you value them as a customer, and they will probably make a purchase without a second thought.

Make a Lasting Impression

After you have engaged your clients online and built a relationship with them through social media, you need to seal the deal by leaving them with something tangible. It today’s online world, people love to have something to hold, and they will appreciate the extra effort. This can be done with a practical gift after a consult — such as a branded lunch tote or pen — or a handwritten thank-you note after a purchase. The goal is to send one final message that you do value their business and appreciate them as a customer.


About the author:

Mark Ditteaux is the President and COO of Mark-it-Smart, Inc. Bag Warehouse, a subsidiary, supplies conference bags to businesses based on their unique promotional needs.