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4th Golden Rule to Win a B2B Marketing Award

With the submissions deadline for the B2B marketing Awards fast approaching, I thought it might be useful to offer some advice on how to maximise your chances to win - here's the third of my seven golden rules for success.

4. Think about the judging… and the judges

Who are you actually writing for, and what are they looking for? The judges of the B2B Marketing Awards are client-side marketers, and will evaluate submissions on that basis.

They will want to directly identify with the brand involved in the campaign, to understand the issues that it faced, the solution that was developed and how that worked. This is critical: campaigns are evaluated on four key criteria, but results are crucial, and if you can’t prove that your campaign worked then forget it. Of course, we appreciate that some results are strictly confidential and cannot be revealed to a wider audience. That’s fine: just clearly mark that this information is ‘Strictly confidential’ and it will remain so – judges sign a confidentiality agreement, so they will not repeat or divulge anything that they learn as part of the process.

If you still can’t reveal precise numbers, just talk in terms of percentages of objectives achieved, revenue generated, leads obtained, click throughs, etc. this should give judges a good idea of how well you did, but what ever you do, don’t just ignore results altogether. If you do, your entry will be thrown out.

One final thing – don’t forget to include a quote from the marketers responsible for the campaign. This validation from peers of the judges is also very important.

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Deadline for submissions is June 15th. For more info on how to put your entries together, join our webcast.