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5 As to Ace Your Email Content

So you have great client data, a neat email template and a killer subject line. Your email is sent, opened and... Your content is mind-numbingly BORING so your email is now RIP!

 5 As for happier endings and better results!



-          An email’s appearance is immediately scanned by the eye. Big block paragraphs of never-ending grey aren’t appealing and look daunting to mentally digest. Some clients may hate reading or have busy schedules.

-          The answer lies in the use of subheadings, pictures, diagrams and splashes of colour. They brighten up the body of text which encourages viewers to focus!



-          Clients want to know the benefits, so quickly tell the reader exactly how their needs and requirements can be satisfied. This also promotes an image of your company as transparent and honest... all good factors.

-          The most effective way to do this is by clearly outlining your key assets. Also ensure this is done near the top of your email, it’s more likely to be read and its purpose is to hook the reader.



-          It’s efficient to ask questions, but be confident you can manage the response. Never use questions that may generate ‘NO’ answers, negative answers or long winded (need time to think it over) answers. Ask questions that produce a ‘YES’, as this is a positive response.

-          ‘Have you considered outsourcing your sales?’ can easily generate a NO answer. Whilst ‘Would you be interested in saving time and increasing profit?’ will always produce a YES!



-          So much attention is given to creating an email full of persuasive words and fancy performance graphs that often the point is forgotten. The core of any sales email is ultimately to sell so don’t forget to initiate the process.

-          Ask the reader to take action! Use a link to your website, a call back form or maybe just your contact details. Whichever you adopt be clear what the reader should do next.



-          Academic or complicated writing styles (unless relevant to your industry), confused readers quickly become irritated and bored.

-          Lots of web links!!! There is nothing more scruffy and unprofessional than an email full of web links. It suggests you can’t prioritise your information nor clearly explain your proposition.


Sales emails should be regarded as a bite-size representation of your company, it’s therefore vital the content is good... otherwise your simply throwing emails into the trash folder.

While appropriate for simple, low value propositions, sales emails for complex, high value sales involve nurturing the prospect over a longer period of time. So next, we will look at Knowledge Emails that teach and educate.


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