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5 Apps Every Online Marketer Should Be Using

You are an online marketing professional. You are fluent in SEO and analytics. You build links and create impressions. And like every good marketing professional, you have a symbiotic relationship with your mobile devices.

Smart phones and tablets are a marketer’s best friend. They’re your command center and your office away from home. They can help you tackle any task, from maintaining a twitter feed to directing an email campaign. To get the most utility from your devices, though, it’s important that you have the proper apps installed. For example, here are five popular industry apps that every marketing professional should be using on their smart phones and tablets.

1)      Evernote. Think of Evernote like a journal on steroids. This cloud-based app allows you to jot down anything – including pictures, texts and hand-written notes – any time and store it in an online archive. This archive can be accessed from anywhere and sorted by keywords and tags. So let’s say you have your next big campaign idea right before you go to bed. You can make a note of the idea in your phone and then access it on your office computer or one of your company’s Samsung tablets the next morning. It’s a useful tool for keeping yourself sane and organized in an industry that’s perpetually changing.

2)      Dropbox. As a marketer, you need to be able to access and share all of your important files, all of the time. The popular collaboration app Dropbox helps you do just that. Dropbox creates a cloud of data for users where files can be uploaded, modified and shared instantly. It’s an incredibly useful tool for group editing sessions and managing crises when you’re out of the office.  

3)      HootSuite. The industry’s leading social media management platform, HootSuite is a must-have for any marketer. The app can manage all of your clients’ social media accounts and provide valuable analytic information on their tweets, updates and posts. Even if you have an intern doing all of the heavy social media lifting for your company, HootSuite is still useful for monitoring progress and posting “flash” updates on the spot. Plus the basic version is free, and you can’t argue with that kind of price.

4)      GoToMeeting. Every professional needs a decent meeting app on their smart phone. While it might not be anything revolutionary, GoToMeeting is reliable and popular enough to warrant a spot on this list. It supports both voice and video and will also allow conference attendees to view each other’s desktops as well, which is useful when it comes to giving presentations and tutorials.

5)      WordPress. Most company blogs these days are based on the WordPress platform. Downloading the WordPress app to your phone or tablet will allow you add/edit content and moderate comments on the go. You can even upload photos and other media. It’s a great way to get your clients blogs up to speed during your morning coffee.

These are just a few of the apps marketers should be using to keep their lives organized and simplified. If you know of any other apps that are particularly useful or relevant for marketers, feel free to share them in the comments below.