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5 B2B Experts Your Business Needs

As a business owner yourself, you know how much work goes into establishing authority in your field. You already know you need B2B businesses like water cooler suppliers, printer technicians, and commercial renter’s insurance agencies on your side, but are you missing out on some other key experts? For example, relying on a financial advisor to prep you and your employees for retirement is often free of up-front costs (they take a commission based on any packages you purchase). Missing out on some lesser known B2B providers could leave you and your business out in the cold.

However, when shopping for such providers, remember to keep local when you can. You know the benefits of local support, such as keeping dollars in the neighborhood and building a stronger community that relies upon one another. No matter where you are in your small business, from the startup stage to sitting on the fence between mid- and large-sized, do you have all the support you need? Here are a few B2B providers you may be overlooking:

1. Niche consultants

Sometimes you don’t need a permanent employee, especially when you’re facing what’s (hopefully!) a short-term struggle. The NFIB offers tips on when you need consultants and when you don’t, but really only you can answer that question. Whether you need a professional to come in and help you with your micro-management tendencies or you need a consultant to create a new job description and fill it, short-term experts can be a lifesaver. Don’t hire a permanent employee when a consultant will do.

2. Hard core recyclers

You can probably recycle a lot more of your office waste than you think, and your local recycling system likely only takes care of a small smidgen of what you produce. Take a look at Prevention’s list of weird things you can recycle for starters. Luckily, there are professional recycling companies in every town that will work with you to make your business as green as possible. Remember that this isn’t just a means of doing the right thing, but it can also be a great PR move. Everyone wants to support a green, local company.

3. Retreat planners

When it comes time for that annual company retreat, do you depend on your employees to take on this task along with everything else on their plate? That’s not going to result in the best experience for anyone, which is why professional retreat planners should be charged with the task. You can hire an event planning company that knows all the local venues and who have connections for the best rates. They may even be able to consult with you on planning teambuilding activities.

4. The right landscapers

Just because your leased commercial space comes with limited landscaping, that doesn’t mean it’s showing your business in the best light. If you think your space would benefit from more flowers, a meditation rock maze, or something a little more interesting, talk with your landlord about subsidizing the price for a better landscaper. This may also be a tax write-off for you since it has the potential to bring more customers through your doors.

5. Feng shui experts

Whether you “believe” in feng shui or not, it’s certainly a new approach to outfitting your office. This can be in addition to or instead of an interior designer, and it also offers an avenue for some great PR. Particularly if you’re a brick and mortar establishment that regularly welcomes customers to your space, you can use this addition to lure people in.

No matter what B2B service you need, comparison shop and stick with local.