5 B2B Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Continue Making

There is an ongoing argument that will probably never be settled. Marketing gurus throughout the industry like to discuss whether B2C or B2B marketing is more challenging or difficult. The problem with this argument is that the discussion is like comparing apples and oranges – while they’re both fruits, they’re completely different. Marketing, while rooted in the same basic principles, drastically differs based on the industry, channel, or audience. That’s why it’s useless to discuss B2B strategies with a B2C expert.

Top B2B Marketing Mistakes

While the number one mistake B2B marketers make is applying B2C strategies to their efforts, the list – unfortunately – doesn’t end there. Marketers make mistakes every day, and most of the time, they don’t even realize they’re making them. Do you fall in this category? Here are some of the most common B2B marketing mistakes that businesses make:

  • Pursuing the wrong social channels. Informing readers you have a Facebook page and a Twitter handle is a great idea, but are these producing any real value? Many marketers make the mistake of assuming social media platforms are automatically worth the investment. Sadly, the time and energy that goes into developing these tools is often wasted. Instead of attempting to build a presence on every social media platform available, create goals based on your specific interests, and only spend time developing the platforms your clients actually use.
  • Not optimizing your site. You can’t assume everyone in the industry knows your name and will work to find you. Consider the fact that a great amount of business is attracted based on convenience and visibility. You are making a mistake if your website isn’t fully optimized for driving traffic and making conversions.
  • Not developing leads. While optimization is key, it’s also possible to get caught up in solely focusing on numbers and missing what’s really happening. Once you get traffic on your site and develop conversions, you must follow up on those leads. At some point in time, automation fails and personal intervention is necessary – that time is now.
  • No easy way to pay. You can have the world’s greatest marketing strategy, but without an easy way to conduct the sales process, everything falls apart. According to Shopify, a leading ecommerce software and hardware provider, you must be able to seamlessly “capture your customers’ online payments during checkout.” If there isn’t a pre-established method for conducting sales, this issue must be addressed.
  • Failure to segment. Understanding that each customer is different, even in the B2B world, is important. Ignoring customer segmentation will lead to a generalized marketing strategy that reaches no one. When approaching potential customers, consider (a) whether they already know about your business, (b) whether they are actively seeking a good or service, and (c) whether they are ready to convert.

Is your business currently making any of these mistakes? As we prepare for a new year, it’s important to eliminate harmful practices and promote healthy business growth in 2015. Don’t let these five B2B marketing mistakes hold you back.