5 Marketing Personalities – which one are you?

5 Marketing Personalities – which one are you?

1.  The Conductor

The same way an orchestra conductor keeps all of the instruments in harmony, this marketer believes it’s their job to keep the demand engine humming.

The Conductor juggles many lead-generation campaigns.  And while they are (to their own admission) a little addicted to the juggling, they could really benefit from efficiency. With the right tools they could easily build a re-usable workflow for events, webinars, emails and a scalable way to create targeted nurturing programmes that deliver high-quality leads.

Less time spent on re-inventing the wheel (and the task list) and more time spent executing on lead-driving programmes that work.

2.  The Nurturer

The Nurturer wants every prospect to feel special. They know that the best way to get prospects’ attention is to talk to them about what they are interested in and to address their specific needs.  Every unsubsribe is like a slap in the face to them.

The Nurturer wants information at their fingertips and a scalable way to create marketing messages that speak to specific segments of his audience. Imagine how impactful they could be if they had access to data that highlighted which company a prospect worked for or which influencers they followed.

By segmenting communications and automatically nurturing prospects who are not yet ready to buy, but might be someday identifying high-quality leads would be so much easier.

3. The Social Guru

The Social Guru is plugged in to all of it. And they often have the best understanding about what people think about your brand and your competition.

They want to jump into social media and mobile, tap into the latest innovations and prove the value of social media. But it’s not always clear to her how to explain or accomplish the link between social activity and revenue.

With the right infrastructure in place they have the ability to extend the reach of social sharing and to understand prospects’ social profiles in order to engage them, identity and cultivate influencers and measure how social media impacts revenue-generating efforts.

4. The Oracle

The Oracle is a marketing veteran and has worked for a number of years in their organisation/vertical.  They have institutional knowledge that’s a blessing and a curse. They know what works and is willing to try new tactics, but is wary of anything that doesn’t appear to impact revenue.

The Oracle sees the big picture. They know that when marketing isn’t able to prove its value the next step is budget cuts.

What the needs is  easy-to-use campaign reporting and analytics that help marketing add science to art. Reports that connect marketing activity to closed deals and dashboards that help marketing make data-backed decisions about what’s working.

5. The Midfielder

The Midfielder is marketing’s connection with the sales reps.  They are  charged with enabling sales with the tools and intelligence they need to turn leads into closed deals.

The Midfielder experiences the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, as love from sales runs hot and cold depending on the quality of leads and the information they have to connect with them.

What a game-changer it would be if the Midfielder had the ability to feed usable prospect data to sales – clues to which leads are most likely to buy and to which they should devote the most time. A list of priority leads and information on what they are interested in.

Consistent and usable data to enable sales to accelerate deals.

 Recognise yourself here?  I would like to hear which one you think you are. Find out more about marketing personalities in Eloqua's latest Field Guide for Marketers  http://elq.to/OiWCZZ