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5 Office Design Tricks That Can Increase Your Agency’s Productivity

Productive employees, as I’m sure you’ve read before, are the engines of a successful company. Consequently, there are a million different ideas out there on how business owners can best motivate their staff. Some experts suggest incentivizing them with rewards while others recommend a more “hands-on” approach to management. One of the easiest – and perhaps most unconventional – ways to improve productivity among your employees, though, is to simply revamp your office space.

There have been entire books written on what common sense should already suggest – that a good working environment fosters good work. You don’t have to invest in a total renovation to make your office more productive, either. For instance, here are five simple tricks that you can use to make your work space more efficient today.

1)      Muffle the machinery. Low-level noise, such as the churning of a fax machine or a buzzing light fixture, can wreak havoc on an employee’s ability to focus. Quiet things down in the office by relocating your photocopier, fax machine and other devices into a separate room or common area away from your main work space. This will help control the noise and also allow for a more efficient flow of movement on the floor.

2)      Let in the light. Humans, by nature, crave sunlight. Multiple studies have shown that natural light makes us happier, healthier and more energetic than artificial light. If your office is operating on artificial lights alone, consider relocating the work space to an area with windows or, if you don’t have any windows, consider installing some. Proper use of natural light will both lighten the mood in your office (see what I did there?) and save you a fortune on your power bill.

3)      Utilize mobile furniture. Studies suggest that people work better when they’re able to roam – which explains the whole “hot desking” phenomenon that’s become so popular lately. If you don’t want to create a totally nomadic office then try picking up a few extra armchairs and tables so that employees can relocate on occasion. A little bit of freedom can go a long way towards making your workplace more efficient.

4)      Paint your walls. Different wall paint colors have different effects on the human psyche. Red is energizing, blue promotes focus and beige is… bleh. If your walls bland or still coated in primer, then add a splash of color by hiring a painting crew to come in over the weekend. Create a vibrant accent wall that’s complimented by neutral – but colorful – shades. Your employees will welcome the change – and their work will reflect on that.

5)      Embrace ergonomics. It’s common sense that your employees should be comfortable while they work. You don’t need to buy them La-Z-Boys, but your furniture should at least be ergonomic enough to avoid sore backs and a bout of carpal tunnel. After all, incorrect posture, poor seating position and bad monitor placement can have a huge negative impact on productivity. Prevent this from becoming a problem at your company by investing in comfortable chairs, ergonomic typing pads and adjustable desks for your employees. It might sound crazy, but it really will help.

If you really want to increase your sales this quarter, it might help to focus less on your marketing department and more on the design of the department itself. A poor floor plan can kill productivity, so use these tricks to ensure that your work space remains happy, healthy and most of all – efficient.