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5 Quick Video Tips That Can Help Your Rankings

Video, video, video – it’s all marketers were talking about at the start of the year, but recently a lot of companies have turned their back on video through not seeing the ‘value’.

But, for a video to be successful it needs to provide value. We will look at 5 quick tips to help your video provide value to the user.

Solve Problems & Provide Information

Great content is all the buzz at the moment, and with Google tightening it’s guidelines with the newest algorithm update, this should always be your main aim – to produce great content.

This great content shouldn’t just be easy on the eye though; it should also solve problems the customer has and should provide them with key information to improve their knowledge of the product or service and help aid the buying decision. Think how you can help people solve their goals quicker, faster or cheaper.

Easy To Browse

The attention span of internet users is on the decline, so you should create a video that caters for short viewing. The key messages should be made the main aim and making them easily accessible to the viewer will keep their interest for the remainder of your video.

Of course, you need to make it long enough to make it worthwhile, but don’t let it go on too long. Between 30 seconds and 3 minutes is a good time for video.

Interactive Video Elements

Giving viewers a chance to click a call-to-action or link to a quiz or survey can help conversion rates. These interactive elements at key moments can help drive action, which is one of the main reasons you have created the video.

Allow Others to Embed Your Video

Creating great videos is good for you and your business, but by making it easy for others to embed your videos on their websites, it means good wins for you in terms of SEO too. This will means a number of inbound links to your website that you didn’t have before and means your content is useful to more than just your customers.

Make It Visually Appealing

If your video doesn’t jump out and grab the attention of the viewer then, similarly to the attention span comments earlier, they won’t stick around to see the main points of the video and won’t “buy” into your brand.

If there is a cartoon which is easy on the eye or key messages are subtle but understandable, people will be more inclined to watch the whole video.

Video may not be on every marketers lips but it can work for you, if you make it great.