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5 Social Media Tips that B2B Marketers Overlook

The use of social media in the world of business has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Many businesses are turning to Twitter, Facebook and many other social networking sites to connect with customers. In fact, most of the businesses that are using these social platforms mainly use them for purposes of marketing and sharing important updates with their customers.

However, for B2B marketers, the use of social media is something more than just marketing and promotions. It is vital that all B2B marketers understand how to use social media in the right manner so that they can reap the desired results. Here, we take a look at five social media tips that marketers in this niche normally tend to overlook.

1. Do not be a business

The Internet is like a global library where people search for different sorts of information. People are likely to use social media to look for something that interests them when they are at work on the move or relaxing at home. If you would like to present relevant and useful information to potential customers, try to include some fun element in it to capture the interest of your potential customers. It can be funny, witty, or simply really, really interesting and take note of this -  it doesn’t always have to relate to your business. If consumers find your information to be interesting, you are far more likely to continue to appear on their radar and will be on the right track towards creating a reputable online brand.

2. Do not see social media from a marketing perspective all the time

Many B2B marketers in various parts of the world tend to think that social media is simply useful when it comes to marketing. Rather than using social media marketing as platform, and shouting about your business 24/7 you need to share information that is useful to the consumer. If you can personify your brand and engage the consumer, you have a far better shot at making sales. Otherwise, if your company keeps on sharing the most recent products and information about your business, it sounds pretty self involved, and not many people will tend to care about what you have to say.

3. Always answer queries

Whether it’s a complaint about a product or service, or a seemingly inane interaction with a customer saying good morning to you, take the time to carefully think out your response. Keeping customers engaged, even if they’re complaining is the ideal way to turn their opinion round about your brand. Never forget that your customers make your business, and if you want them to care about what you have to say, you have to care about what they’re saying too.

4. Select the right medium

The other mistake that B2B marketers make is to think that all social media websites are the same. Well, if you thought that way, you are probably a little misguided. There are many social media sites on the Internet today but not all of them are useful for every brand. Facebook might be ideal for personal interactions while LinkedIn is most suitable for business information and professional networking. You need to make sure that your B2B marketing efforts are highly targeted for them to yield the right fruit.

5. Keep track of the right metrics

As much as a people are generally interested in lots of info online, traffic might not necessarily be the key to your success online. There are other elements such as calls, customer sign-ups, or other actions that best represent a real prospect that is actually doing something on your site. Getting many people to your site will be of no use at all if they take no action.

Taking note of these important, but often overlooked tips may mean your business has more success online this year and onwards, so include them in your strategy and see what rewards you can reap.