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5 things marketers can learn from journalists

Marketers can admit that journalistic skills are the one thing they covet in their domain and this is not to esteem journalists but it’s a well-known reality. It is important for marketers to know how to reach their audience especially through words and pictures, however there are different dynamics involved. I realise that journalists can be very tenacious in their search for information. Much of this is why they meet their targets on time and still deliver quality content to the public, but how far will marketers go to see results.

Here are five ways in which marketers can follow journalists...

1. Keeping up to date with latest trends

Journalists don’t fail to keep up-to-date with the latest top stories, which they do through different social media platforms. Marketers should also be staying up to date with trends via news, social media, optimising the use of hashtags such as #Marketing #B2B and actively talking to customers.

2. Gather the facts

Facts are gathered to solidify publications. Journalists never fail to carry out research because it is the foundation stories are built on. This would mean conducting interviews or reading different sources which are secondary and primary research. It is also vital for marketers to verify their sources correctly, although it may seem time consuming, there is nothing worse than not having the facts right. The audience is quick to pick up on such blunders as journalists have often been criticised for.

3. Tell a story clearly

Journalism is about words, words, words and some more words. Journalists extensively work on how to communicate stories by reading different materials and doing large amounts of research. Marketers should give themselves to reading a good amount of articles to get a feel of how to be more concise and effective in their words. Also, I leant to use the inverted pyramid structure of writing which can also help marketers to keep the audience’s attention.

4. Step out of your comfort zone

This simply means that marketers should be taking a hands-on approach by actively going out to meet real people and potential customers. It is common for journalists to go out and scout for sources, which could mean going places they don’t like or speaking to people they don’t want to. However, it is necessary because by doing this they collect information to make their stories more relevant and compelling. This is a practice that marketers can certainly benefit from as it will help to generate results and gather relevant information for the public.

5. Is it relevant

What journalists publish has got to be relevant to the target audience. This is one thing I learnt in my first year of university because it is a basic principle to making your story newsworthy. This should also go for marketers who must think twice, whether what they promote is important to the specific target audience as they could lose their desired audience if not. Relevance in marketing means meeting the audience’s need by giving them something they want to hear and see.