5 Ways To Increase Your CTR

Marketers work hard to increase traffic; they try several strategies and spend lot on different tactics, when they can actually increase their website traffic with CTR. It is much simpler to increase your website traffic with CTR, so all that you need to do is work on increasing CTR. 

 Use Relevant Keywords

Identify all poor performing keywords and improve their relevance to help them work harder for you. You need to boost their quality score or simply modify the match type for all those which are not helping your advertising goals. Relevant keywords are especially important for e-commerce store traffic. Even if you are using the best of managed hosting services you will have to focus on relevant keywords to bring in the right traffic to your website. Remove all duplicate keywords and filter performance data to find all keywords which are low performing. You also need to ensure that your keywords are relevant to ads. Dynamic insertion of keywords is also important for CTR.

Use Call To Action

Call To Action is said to be the ultimate driving force to increase CTR. It is said to be the most important driver for clicks. Once a customer notices Call-To-Action phrases in the form of ‘SHOP NOW’ or ‘SIGN UP’ or ‘DOWNLOAD’ or ‘BOOK NOW’ they click instantly. Most E-commerce stores hosted by Finestshops, rely heavily on Call-To-Action button. Once a customer likes a product, an instant search is made for Buy Now or Book Now – a Call To action button, works as a great support and good driving force.

Look At Competitors

Take a look at how your competitors are drawing traffic; what keywords they are focusing on, what is their call to action. It will give you an idea to restructure your tactics and improve CTR in an amazing way.

Use Rich Snippets

An excellent way to improve click through rate is by using rich snippets. These snippets offer extra information which enhances search results. They offer more information about the content of website before a click. General snippets do not yield results as they tend to get a bit boring. The type of rich snippets to be used depends quite a lot on the website content and their selling.  Rich snippets should be arranged in a way that Google understands the message which is being conveyed. If this happens, it will be effective in improving personalized searches and will improve CTR.

Vanity URL’s & Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation is customer friendly and helps users navigate easily in a site. Such a type of navigation works as a signage and helps users to understand where they are in a website. As the user drills down the site with such navigation, they understand that they are just a click away from homepage or just higher up category page through breadcrumbs. This helps in CTR amazingly and people now actually look forward to breadcrumb navigation. Vanity URL’s also play an important role as they are closely related to identity and influence SEO. For all small businesses, Vanity URLs play an important part of social media and web strategies. Depending on size of your business, the products offered, companies consider an online presence with the help of Vanity URL or username for every product or service offered.