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5 ways press releases can help your SEO campaign

Are you looking for a way to improve your SEO campaign? With so many competitors today, it’s hard to see any actual results in your SEO efforts, especially if you’re keeping a budget. And yet, more and more online businesses are utilizing SEO to achieve the highest possible ranking they can get for their money.

If you’ve utilized all known SEO techniques, maybe it’s time to go back to the basics. Have you checked press releases lately? They may seem like they’re not much in terms of SEO, but they can actually bring a huge impact on your website, especially if the story you’re going to publish is truly newsworthy.

Here are five ways that press releases can power up your SEO campaign and add new points to your website ranking.

1. PRs provide instant visibility across news channels

A press release, when done on a highly reputable news website, can have plenty of benefits. Firstly, the news is spread all over the Internet by syndication and curation. You can see your article published on all mediums that reach different countries. If you offer an internationally shipped product or an online service, this could bring you lots of traffic.

The visibility is also a good SEO factor because you automatically get backlinks from different websites. Your authority will increase if more websites link to your site.

2. The backlink is worth a lot, based on authority

Because news sites have high authority, a backlink on any news site is quite valuable. It’s similar to seeing your name on a magazine or your face on the television. Online news sites have also become as reliable as newspapers and TV shows, although there’s a lot of competition online because of the many news websites publishing the same stories.

To make the most of your backlink, you can hire the assistance of professional press release distributors. They can give you leverage and help spread your press release to hundreds of other mediums where you can get more clicks and visibility.

3. It opens up the doors to shareability

Any publication on a well-known site can get higher traction as opposed to publications in personal blogs. If your blog only gets less than 500 unique visitors per month, not too many people will be able to read your news updates or share them, for that matter.

On the other hand, a publication on a press release or news website can easily be shared by 100 people, all of whom do not have any familiarity of your website. They may share your story because it’s interesting or timely, which is exactly the purpose of a press release. That said, the PR should be newsworthy and sensible so that people will be compelled to share it.

4. You can interlink your website and social media profiles to the publication

A press release includes your business information such as your website, phone number, email, and social media profiles. Every reader sees this information and can easily contact you through your site and social media accounts. This gives potential customers the chance to know you and your business better, especially since you published a news story about your business. If your story is a positive highlight on your practices, such as winning a green award or getting recognized for philanthropy, more people will want to know what your business is all about.

5. PRs help with brand and reputation management

Having a press release is still a good indicator of reputation. It means you’re giving value to your media presence. Some businesses remain passive of this SEO method, but if you have press releases and your competitor does not, it gives you great brand leverage.

For instance, a dental office published a press release about getting the “Best Dentist of Cleveland 2015” award. If a competitor who earned the same award in 2013 and 2014 didn’t publish a press release about it, the current title holder gets all the credit because there’s no online history of the previous years’ winners.

Imagine if the winner of the previous years had published two press releases on each year. That would definitely gain more traction and increase the brand reputation of that dental office. It would also reduce the traction of the other dental office that holds the current title because they only won it once.

Utilizing press releases for SEO is not a dead move. However, its value is as good as the story you’re publishing. If your story is worth sharing, you will definitely get its benefits.