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5 ways video marketing gets results

Nothing is more important in marketing than results. You may have the ideas for a fabulously creative campaign featuring top-notch artwork and entertaining content but if no one views your work, or if viewers don’t take the step of visiting your site or buying your product, your work counts for nothing. Your boss is not going to give you any budget for artistic online content if it doesn’t bring results. When you are looking for ROI from online marketing, consider the ways video can bring you what you need. Did you consider video marketing as part of your online campaign mix? If not, here are five reasons why you should get behind the camera and create your own video content to get results online.

1. Improve recall and provoke action

Eighty percent of Internet users remembered watching a video online during the past month, according to the Online Publishers Association. And of this 80 percent of users, 46 percent decided to take some action. The Online Publishers Association says 26 percent searched for more info about topic in the video, 22 percent clicked on the website of the company that made the ad or was named in the ad, and 12 percent actually bought the product that they looked at online in the video. These are powerful figures that illustrate the way in which a well-made video can drive consumers to action.

2. Influence decision making

When people look at products on an online shopping site, 64 percent of them would prefer to watch a video to help them make up their mind about which product to buy, according to comScore. You have a great chance, if you own an online store, to influence people and inspire them to make a purchase or remember you when they next want to buy.

3. Generate enquiries and leads

According to an Australian property group, property listings that have videos attached generate 403 percent more enquiries than properties that are without video. That’s a statistic you can’t ignore! Considering that creating video and uploading it online takes very little time you can generate excellent ROI from a little effort.

4. Increase click-throughs

According to a survey by Implix, the click-through rate of an email that included a video increased by 96 percent. And a survey by the Forrester Marketing group found the click-through rate went up 200 percent after a video was included in the email marketing; another compelling statistic for adding video content to your email marketing.

5. Add subscribers

Adding a video to your email marketing collateral increases the rate at which people subscribe to your content by 51 percent. Here is another reason why video can help you.

The aim of internet marketing is to increase sales and leads and these statistics illustrate how video content can help you win that fight. And think about it this way – if you are not adding video to your marketing mix, others are, and they will pick up the benefits you lose. To find out more about video content and online video marketing, click here.