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6 Pillars of Wisdom for producing Business Video

1. Business video is about content, not about going viral. You need to be saying something that influencers want to share amongst their peers. A number count is not what is required. Valuable content that can be shared by your influencer group is.

2. YouTube's creator handbook is full of tips to allow your video to become more social, how you describe it, thumbnails, titling.

3. Don't settle for low production values. It rarely works and doesn't reflect well on your company. Production costs have come down a lot so quality doesn't have to mean spending big, just check that your production partner has good examples, a strong client base and brief them properly and ask them how they will produce your work.

4. YouTube requires something unique and consistent, don't fall into the trap of putting your experts in front of camera and expect the views to come. Push the boat out a little, get the message across creatively and with credibility.

5. YouTube is a social channel. Don't be shy of asking people to subscribe and comment, make your content part of a community. They will be reminded and encouraged to view subsequent video.

6. Target your distribution. Reaching your target on YouTube is inexpensive (and it's not cheating), also targeting influential bloggers and content sites can make all the difference.