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6th Golden Rule for winning a B2B Marketing Award

With the submissions deadline for the B2B marketing Awards fast approaching, I thought it might be useful to offer some advice on how to maximise your chances to win - here's the sixth of my seven golden rules for success.

6. Don’t be too clever.
Copywriting is a subtle art: don’t abuse it by being trying to be too off hand, zany or clever when writing these entries. Keep the prose simple, straightforward and to the point – don’t over-elaborate. If you’re a judge ploughing through potentially over 100 entries, all you want to is access the pertinent information quickly and easily, understand what was done, for whom, why and what it achieved. Fancy prose, which goes around the houses to describe something simple, wastes valuable word count and actively annoys the judges. Keep it simple, stupid.

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Deadline for submissions is June 15th. For more info on how to put your entries together, view our webcast.