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7 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing is Not Dead

It seems that the Internet has already revolutionised the way companies approach marketing and advertising. Email and content marketing are continuing to grow in popularity because of the many benefits they deliver, but completely ignoring the time-honoured tradition of direct mail marketing may put your organisation at a disadvantage in the marketplace. Far from being a relic of the pre-digital age, so-called print marketing has never gone away; in fact, there are seven reasons why it's just as effective as it ever was.

1. Nothing grabs attention like the printed word

Let's face it; most inboxes are awash with marketing messages these days, which means a great deal of them are either ignored or deleted immediately. Because the amount of mail being sent has declined drastically during the last decade, well-designed envelopes with a clear marketing message are more likely than ever to grab the attention of recipients when they land on doormats.

2. Direct mail is ideal for customer retention

Communicating with existing customers via direct mail - using professionally printed envelopes - shows them that your business takes time and effort to nurture and develop its professional relationships. You simply can't deliver this message of loyalty and respect via an email.

3. Direct mail can be highly personalised

A growing number of consumers are aware when they are being sent generic emails and e-newsletters that are arriving in tens of thousands of inboxes at the same time. However, direct mail marketing allows you to speak more directly with your target customers - on a personal level. This can promote an increased level of trust between you and your target consumers, thus making purchases and long-lasting relationships far more likely.

4. Direct mailing is highly versatile

All emails look very much the same, yet direct mail can be sent in a range of formats. You can send glossy brochures, free gifts and a myriad of marketing materials in several different shapes and sizes. This not only resonates with consumers on a personal level, it allows you to be creative - increasing the chances of your marketing message being read. For instance, you can experiment with coloured envelopes, marketing slogans, the use of logos, persuasive marketing copy and a huge selection of design features in search of the formula that provides the most impressive conversion rates.

5. The results of direct mail are easy to track

There is no doubt that Internet marketing is here to stay, as it opens up international markets in a way that direct mail marketing can't. However, in order to track the efficacy of online campaigns, complicated analytical software is required, which can be time-consuming to set up - and very expensive. However, all you need to do in order to track conversions from a direct mail marketing campaign is to include offer codes, vouchers or discounts that are related to specific mail-outs.

6. There are now online solutions for direct mail marketing campaigns

Developing and executing direct mail campaigns is now easier than ever. There are desktop publishing tools which allow you to design your marketing materials quickly and easily. Web-based services allow you to co-ordinate your marketing strategies, import mailing lists and send your mail-outs from one convenient online location.

7. Direct mail marketing has a proven track record of success

Even in this age of digital communication, direct mail marketing campaigns are as effective as they ever were. Highly targeted, personalised and tangible, marketing messages sent by post speak directly to consumers in a way that email communications never can. With some careful planning and execution - along with the right materials - direct mail marketing can play an important role in modern business for many years to come.