7 Ways to make your SME more productive

A more productive small business is a better, more efficient and a healthier business. Fortunately, there are numerous great tools and amazing software out there to make your SME a lot more productive.

Through using a set of tools and a process efficiently, you can become a better and more comfortable business and get more important things done, faster. So, here are seven of the best to make your company more productive.

Task Management

Keeping on top of a task and managing a project is essential if you’re hoping to get things done, right! If you don’t have the items you need to stay organised you’re a lot more likely to struggle. There are fortunately a number of great tools out there to help you manage a task or project. This article on Capterra showcases the ins and outs of the very best of these tools available at the moment.


The fact of the matter is that you need a calendar -  whether it’s an online one or a traditional one is up to you. There are all sorts out there, however Google Calendar is still one of our favourites as it makes it easy for a business to not just keep on top of things, but it also works with a whole smorgasbord of other tools and plug-ins – this makes it a really great option for a variety of companies.

Microsoft 365

The cloud is an amazing concept for business and one that has numerous benefits for businesses small and large. Microsoft Office 365 is a must for businesses looking to be productive and to increase their output with the minimum disruption.  Technologies such as Yammer allow worker and their colleagues to leave notes and communicate in a manner that surpasses email and is the next generation of messaging. According to www.atlantec.co.uk it also means no old email server, old version of office and even eliminates security concerns.  So, what are you waiting for?

Microsoft Intune

Another great piece of productivity software, Microsoft Intune is cloud based service that ensures that the mobile and desktop world work anywhere, in tandem at the highest performance possible. It keeps users safe from viruses, keeps them up to date and can even track asset inventory and usage. It’s well worth considering if you’ve workers using a number of devices.


A fantastic online notebook that can collect all you need to remember. Evernote stores everything from handwriting to photos, PDFs and audio files and is a one stop shop for those looking for a digital notepad. One of its greatest attributes is the fact it indexes everything to make it searchable.


Instead of jotting down bullet points in a notepad, why not take a look at Clear. It’s a simple and well-designed app that makes it easy to order your to-do list. The app has a great intuitive feel about it and makes it easy to take down anything you need to remember – a very good app.


It’s the most popular email service around, it’s super-fast and it comes with a huge array of support and products alongside it. There’s lots of storage and if you need more you can buy it. It’s one of the best free services there are and you may already have it so here are some tips on how to make more of it.

Making your business more productive with the power of technology and tools like Microsoft 365 can allow your business to rise to the top and be more productive. Take a look at these tools and you hopefully won’t be disappointed.