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8 B2B Marketing Tips you Need to Try in 2015

B2B content marketing can prove a lot harder to pull off than consumer marketing, nevertheless the basic principles remain the same. The essential elements of success are still based entirely on the clarity of the information used as well as the solution oriented approach that will attract customers to your goods services or ideas.  

Content marketing entered with a bang back in 2013, today businesses are still embracing this as a big part of their marketing strategies.

In the “Digital Space,” a very important thing to remember when developing your strategy is that people prefer to buy from and engage with people they know, trust or like and the way to create this type of rapport with clients is with superior content.

Following are some Tips on effectively marketing to other businesses:


Take some time doing the important footwork of finding out what you market is how to best reach it. Google surveys and metrics are excellent tools for planning out your content strategies and deciding how to get you customers to move in your direction. Here are some research tips.

Offer Solutions

Other businesses are not so interested in the long process it cost you to develop your product or how proud you are of it; they only want to know what it’s going to do for them and their situation. How is it going to be a Major benefit to them? 

Use Informative Content

Make sure the articles you keep on your site are simple enough for anyone to understand yet informative enough to catch anyone’s attention. Aim for content that will reach everyone on some level. Check out these content tips.

Don’t Neglect the GateKeepers

Receptionists, administrative assistants, support staff and other employees may have a lot sway in terms of what is purchased and promoted by a certain company, getting in good with them could open certain doors to get your option in. Content marketing that addresses the needs of these key workers can get you a solid foot in the door where many others may have failed.

Let the Customers do the Work

Ask some of your favourite clients if they would do you the boon of writing up a glowing review on how your product or service has helped them. Nothing is as convincing as word of mouth advertising and if you can engender this from your clients, you are gold. According to ecommerce business Saphirea, who provide shopping cart services and hosting, this works especially well on e-commerce sites

Plan Ahead

Business cycles can be predicted with enough time spent in observation or talking with the experts. Use your knowledge of the industry to give you some insights into your options and prospects to be the most formidable content marketer you can be.

Mimic the Customer

Look at your company from an outsider's point of view, the view of your customer, and consider how they would react to services and products as well as marketing techniques , Learn what you8 can about yourself from this outsider opinion.

Make White Papers Available online. 

B2B companies have been using these with excellent results for quite a while, there is no reason they won’t have the same sort of results as a part of your content marketing tactics.

These tips should help you stay well ahead of the customer and make the most of b2b marketing in 2015