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8 Essential Benefits of Email Marketing for Business Owners

Splash screens, popup forms, survey pages, comment sections and ticket submission forms are all asking for customers to enter their email addresses. It is quite obvious that businesses are always looking for any opportunity available to them to get the email addresses of their customers and website visitors. There must be a serious reason behind this and a purpose to fulfill. If you have started a business with an online presence or are thinking of starting one, you must get ready to ask your customers and website visitors for their email addresses.

Email marketing is considered to be one of many methods of digital marketing. It won’t be wrong to say that it is also considered one of the most powerful ways for companies to promote their products, services and brands. This is the reason why at times it can also get annoying for customers and internet users when they are constantly being asked for their email addresses. Nevertheless, it is impossible for businesses not to ask for email addresses of their visitors. They just cannot ignore the many benefits of email marketing. We are stating 8 of those benefits that you should be aware of as a business owner.

More Control Over Your Marketing

Businesses have more control over their marketing when they are using email marketing as their primary method of approaching customers. When they show ads on various websites or buy the top slots on search result pages, they are still expecting the visitor to take notice of their ad. On the other hand, almost every customer with an email address is going to open their email frequently. In other words, you are practically sure that the message you have sent to your customer or potential lead is going to be read within a few hours or days.

It Is Free Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most lucrative and effective methods of online marketing that also happen to be free. If you go for a pay per click (PPC) campaign, you will have to prepare to spend thousands of dollars. You will have to do the same if you choose affiliate marketing and other similar methods. Having your banners and ads designed will also cost you money whereas an email can be created by you if you want. However, there is software and services that provide you with the most effective templates for your marketing emails.

You Can Show More Content

Your ads that appear on Google searches or the banners that appear on various websites can contain very little information. The message has to be delivered with only a handful of words, which can be quite a task. On the other hand, your emails can contain as much content as you like. Of course, you wouldn’t want to fill the entire email with text - you can send your customers not only text but also pictures, gifs or even videos if that suits your marketing strategy.


When you are targeting a small number of customers or potential leads, you can work by personalizing the emails. In fact, there is now software that will go inside your contact database and select the names of the customers you are sending the emails to. With this feature you can address every customer in your emails by their names. This amazing feature is not offered by any other online marketing method. In fact, if your customers have provided you with their nicknames, you can use them on emails to take personalization to another level.

Facilitating the Customer

Even though there are hundreds of websites that can furnish your discount codes and coupons, there are still people who would pick a coupon from a website and completely forget to bookmark that website for future use. What this means is that your customer might not know if there is a discount or special offer being offered by you. When you have access to the emails of your customers, you can simply send them the updates and news about your new discount offers and coupons. This makes it easier for customers to sign up with discounts without doing any work on their end.

Easy to Track

Your email marketing campaigns are much easier to keep track of than before. This has been made possible with email tracking software. All you have to do is choose a template from a list of templates available to you, insert the content you have chosen to be included in your emails, select emails from groups and lists, and then just send the email. After sending the email you are also able to see the statistics, to know which customers have visited your website or bought your products in response to your emails.

Easy Experimentation with Marketing

You would have to pay for experimenting with other forms of marketing if you want to refine your marketing methods. For example, if you want different banner ads designed for any of your products, you will have to pay the designing firm for both. On the other hand, with email marketing you can experiment with your emails by choosing the templates and inserting your desired details. You can change the color of buttons, headings of your emails, font of the text or anything else you want to check, to see which combination your customers are responding to.

Emails Can Be Shared Easily

How many times have you seen people sharing banner ads appearing on websites with their friends and other people? How many people tell their friends about what they found on top of the search results’ page when they were looking for something specific? On the other hand, when it comes to emails the customers have it in their hands to spread the word. All they have to do is press the forward button and send the email to their colleagues, friends and peers to tell them about a new promotion, discount or special offer you have sent to them.