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8 Ways B2B Businesses can Develop a Better Online Brand

The reality of the modern day is that your website doesn’t have an off switch and your business brand is a 24/7 thing. For smaller businesses this may often come across as a bit of a intimidating thought, however it’s in fact a benefit.

So, we’ve compiled some great tips for B2B businesses looking to develop their online brand.

Design Matters

People will judge your business based on the design around it – this means they will be looking at your logo, your site design and visual branding in general. As a small business, you may not have the money to hire a brand specialist, however it doesn’t mean you should be left behind. There are plenty of freelance resources out there, where you can hire people to work with you at an affordable price.

Content Matters

Keeping quality content on the radar matters a lot and can really help your brand develop to be the best possible. High quality content will help you keep people interested when they arrive on site and also helps in terms of search engines. Ideally break blogs down into sections so as to eliminate overload of information.

Writing should be easy to read, scannable and use bullet points. Writing for the web is different to writing for a paper or a press release. So, follow these tips and make your writing as concise and as well laid out as possible.


Having a voice is important and helps you and your brand to deliver personality across the B2B spectrum according to John Summers of Fusewave. Successful brands have a voice and you need to develop yours and communicate it to your customers.


Having a consistent voice and appearance is also very important. Having a serious tone on your website and an informal on in social media creates confusion for both your followers and also your staff. Try and define a consistent approach in this regard and maintain it through everything you do, whether that is logo, forum chatter or your blog. Consistency is important as it creates familiarity and customers love that.


Growing your community is a great way to create trust in your brand and in the long term results in many of the people in your community doing branding work for you. Small businesses can use social media and forums to create on and offline communities that will help them accomplish their branding goals. Ideally, spread yourself narrowly so you can focus on a couple of channels well, rather than do too little across a number.

Quality Product

Offering a quality product makes a big difference and if your brand is offering a good product then you will be far more likely to see success. People love to share their quality experience and if you offer one, then you stand a far better chance of your brand growing and people mentioning you.

Stand for Something

Brands that stand for something are often ones that are more talked about as they stand out of the crowd. Take the smoothie brand Innocent for example, they stand for ethical food production as a part of their mantra. It’s worked well for them as they tend to push that idea and it delivers a lot of creedos.


Value isn’t about having the lowest price, it’s about offering more than competitors. So, offering operational excellence, higher quality products, or better customer service. These are things that get people talking and help you establish your brand as one people love.

Follow these tips and you will be able to add some extra value to your brand and help it for the better.