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9 Different Sorts of Vines for Marketers

Vine is a creative dream and in marketing terms offers huge potential, especially as video content is likely to become increasingly important in the coming months and years.

A lot of us love Vine and are quite good at it, however it’s still underutilised in my humble opinion and there’s plenty more that we could do with it potentially – it’s so versatile and allows for huge amounts of creativity.

With that in mind we thought we’d take a look at the different sorts of Vine video that can be created and make you aware of the possibilities.


Let’s start with the most obvious Vine video – the stop motion video. Though Hyperlapse video seems to be more on-trend this year, the stop motion still has plenty going for it and potentially allows a person to create an exciting and fun video. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get over it you can create some pretty awesome videos.

Stop Animations

This is similar to the stop motion, but often a little more cartoon like and surreal, as well as a quite time consuming creation. However, in terms of impression there’s very few sorts of videos that can touch it. One word of advice, use a tripod.

Morning Time

For drama there is little to touch this option and it’s simple to create too once you have some attractive landscape to point at. Simply hold the camera up to the sun and then reveal to use natural light to its upmost potential.

Step by Step DIY

Six seconds of stop and start allows you enough time to show a person how to do something. Once the instructions aren’t extremely complex and you can showcase what’s required visually then you should have no problems with an explanation. Put it this way it’s a lot better and more engaging than a 500 word 10-step article.

Secret Glimpse

Developing a new product, moved to a new office, or want to show something fun or innovative; then why not use vine for a short 6 second clip. Dark Peak Digital who offer SEO in Glossop and Buxton warn that this should be used for the more spectacular; otherwise people are just going to find it boring.


One cool way to keep your audience entertained is to use Vine to create a nice little size second puzzle. Start with a scene where there are a number of objects and then remove objects or make changes and ask people to comment on what they think has changed. It’s a good way to get people to engage and a little bit of fun too.

Loop it

Creating a loop can make for a very impressive video, however it’s a bit harder than it seems and you could be a while coming up and implementing a great idea. However, when you do, you’re onto a winner and it’s one of those videos that are generally greatly appreciated by the audience.

Something Silly

Vines aren’t particularly serious videos by any means and you can just use it to be creative and to have some fun. Being a little light hearted and going off the beaten track now and again  will help create interest and show followers you’re not taking yourself too seriously.

Narrative Vines

There’s no rule with Vine and one thing that people find works very well is to use a number of vines together to create a longer narrative or story. Why not either add them in segments or alternatively you could place them one next to the other and do it that way? It can be a quite fun and interesting way to create something a little more in-depth than 6 seconds allows.

Even though Vine is over 18 months old, there’s still so much that can be done with it and for a lot of us, it’s only real limits are our imaginations and the boundaries that we place on it. It’s a fantastic piece of short form visual media that we can use to really help our marketing efforts.

The fact it can be added so easily to our social media and works so well in tandem with the like of Twitter means it’s an awesome, super-entertaining and very useful tool.