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Accelerate Lead Generation using Pinterest

With 70 million registered users, Pinterest is no longer a network that can be ignored by marketers. Once upon a time, it was a network associated with recipes and cat photos but today it has proven to be a lead generation machine. Research by Rich Relevance has also demonstrated that Pinterest users spend more dollars compared to Facebook and Twitter users. What this means for you is that there is a vast amount of leads who are potential spenders, waiting to be engaged with and converted. 

In this post, we will walk you through simple steps to speed up your lead generation efforts on Pinterest. 

Create a Business Pinterest Account 

Ensure that you are using a business Pinterest account and not a personal one as the former looks more professional and offers far more benefits especially pertaining to metrics compared to the latter.

Create Infographics 

Attractive and informative Infographics that contain facts, figures and other data relevant to your target audience is a great tactic to get leads from Pinterest. Create boards for different types of Infographics, which will be followed by people who like your content. 

Create helpful resources and educational content 

The most popular content on Pinterest is the kind that gives you tips and DIY resources. B2B companies can create boards giving out free templates, checklists etc. which incentivizes people to follow their boards and accounts. 

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Pin images from already created content 

The tactics mentioned above involves creating exclusive content for Pinterest. However, creating unique content for the network is not always possible or feasible, which is why you need to use images from your published blogs, whitepapers etc. and pin them on Pinterest. 

Track progress using analytics 

If you are using a business Pinterest account, then the dashboard provides analytics. Another way to track the number of clicks is by using a shortened link (such as in the description that will allow you to measure the number of people who are interested in your content and who actually clicked on the pin description. 

Promote your whitepapers with a coupon code 

Promote your whitepapers by giving your target audience limited offers and exclusive coupon codes. This can be done by pinning images, charts and other visual data from your whitepapers to your Pinterest boards, which take viewers to a landing page with a contact form. Prospects who fill the form should be given the coupon code preferably with an expiry date or time (say 24 hours) to ensure that they convert faster. 

Do you use Pinterest for lead generation? What tips and tricks do you have up your sleeve? Let us know in the comments section.