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Achieving the benefits of Real-Time personalisation

Using real-time online data as part of the marketing mix is an effective method for driving up conversion rates and as such, should be on the agenda for any organisation with an online presence.

Improving Relevance

The central component of one-to-one real-time personalisation is improving the relevance of content to individual online visitors. Products and special offers can be made more relevant to an online visitor through the analysis of data such as online browsing behaviour, on-site search terms used, abandoned basket and purchase history. This can be combined with offline data such as loyalty scheme or call centre interaction to create a holistic picture of an online customer.

This insight can then be utilised to tailor content in real-time which is of high relevance to individual customers.

 Real Time Testing

Real-time personalisation technology can also be used to test the effectiveness of new campaigns, messages and online banner designs to establish which are the most effective for maximising customer conversion. By running campaigns side by side and monitoring their performance, companies can extract an unprecedented granular level of data from each campaign from which Digital Analysts and Marketers can quickly identify which campaigns are having the most success.

 Improved Sales Focus

Real-time personalisation models can also be extended to other areas of a business. For  example, to improve the customer experience by directing someone to a relevant area of the website or providing with the correct contact centre number based on their purchase history, customer status and online behaviour. This can ensure rapid access to the most appropriate area of a website or call centre representative.   

 The value of a streamlined approach which directs web users to the correct call centre representative is clear: individuals speak directly to a representative with the right information and expertise. Not only does this enhance the customer experience, but also calls are typically shorter, with no need to reconnect to a different department during the call which also productivity, optimises call centre costs and can ultimately drive up sales.

 Seeing the Value

Using real-time personalisation as part of the online sales process is proven to deliver exceptional value and improve sales, enhance customer service and optimise call centre productivity. With the ability to use a single tool for both content personalisation and multivariate testing, organisations can benefit from this incredible value in one convenient place.

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