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The advent of Video

Compared to the advent of film - which was practically condemning considering it was misunderstood as a new technology - video is now regarded as a respected media and art form.

In the business world, video should almost always chosen before written content as a source of information as search engines such as Google and Yahoo give priority listings to sites that host video content.

In short, if you’re not already incorporating video content into your business’ social strategy - then you should really get started.

Hosting videos on your own site boosts visibility and ultimately, Google ranking. Hosting them on other social platforms works well to trigger new conversation about your business, raising brand awareness, increasing customer reach and leading to new potential consumers.

Visitors to a site are far more likely to watch a video than read a full length article meaning video is a subtle way of getting key messages across and engaging with customers.

At we use videos to promote new products, for ‘how to’ design tutorials, to take a behind the scenes look at the team, showcase customer testimonials and to promote our customers’ businesses. The latter in particular we find is popular as it works to satisfy existing customers, encourages sharing and attracts new users to our site.

Some effective video ideas which brands are using more and more to not only entice new customers but to keep existing ones are:

  • Introduction to your business
  • Reviews from current customers
  • A behind the scenes look at your business
  • How to use your product/service
  • Interviews with key staff