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Advice for Finding the Ideal Mobile App Developers for Your Project


Similar to the popularity of social media, mobile applications are destined to become as ubiquitous as email and text messaging.  Brands and individual users alike are infatuated with how these powerful devices and applications can streamline everyday tasks.  In order to keep up with the expected quality and functionality of today’s most successful applications, the key is to find talented and enthusiastic software developers. 

Rob Miles, a software developer and professor at the University of Hull in England was recently interviewed by Nokia and had some insight regarding successful application developers.  His three preferred characteristics are “personable nature, patience, and persistence.”  While technical capabilities are obvious factors to consider when finding the best software developers for mobile applications, creativity and a collaborative nature are the true differentiators. 

Finding the best software developers for mobile can be difficult but there are solutions on the horizon.  Rating services for apps are out there that can provide some feedback from users regarding an application.  Although these services can be helpful, it’s important to note that developers can pay for ranking and search result priority.  With that said, it is still important to embrace constructive criticism from the user.  It is impossible to improve issues with a user interface or the app’s functionality without listening to user feedback.  Developers must understand that the idealistic vision of an application can sometimes fall flat on the user it is intended for. 

Placing the end user and contextual customer experience on a pedestal is a key strategy used by successful mobile app developers.  Aspects of a mobile application such as content, interoperability, usability and privacy all come into play when a user considers the value of an app.  Software developers should consider the overall picture regarding how, when and where users access the app.

Developers on the forefront of mobile application development are hard to find and invaluable.  Technical capabilities can only take one so far in terms of creating something that stands out.  Vision, contextual thinking and a personable nature are key characteristics of the best mobile app developers out there.  At our firm, our developers work in a team environment to bring all necessary resources to the table when collaborating with a client to create a mobile application. 

Prior to diving into a mobile application project, assess the various nuances that can impact the true vision you have in mind for stakeholders.