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Agencies League table – what are the key factors determining reputation?

We’ve got big plans for annual B2B Marcomms Agencies League Table and Benchmarking Report. We’ve been running the League Table for six years now, but we launched the Benchmarking Report last year, for the first time pulling together all the data we collect for the table into a single comprehensive document. The aim was to provide B2B brands and marketers with a wealth of information on agencies that they could use as part of the selection process.

This year, we’re looking to go a step further. We’re going to include a Reputation Survey, which will aim to give all B2B agencies reputation score based on what their clients think of them. This will add significant value to the financial and services data already collected and provide some invaluable feedback on real live experiences of working with these agencies.

How will it work?
We will survey our audience of 100,000 B2B marketers and ask them to complete a simple questionnaire, and rate their agencies on ten key criteria, providing a mark out of ten for each. Using this we’ll be able to create a single aggregate number, which will be their reputation score.

Details of respondents will remain completely confidential. The headline score for each agency will be made public, although the detailed breakdowns will only be available to those respondents who complete the survey or purchase the final report.

What are the reputation categories?
Below is our proposed list – whether you are a client or an agency, your feedback would be much appreciated.
• Creativity – are they good at generating new ideas?
• Initiative – are they proactive? Do they seek to lead your thinking?
• Innovation – are they up to speed with the latest thinking?
• Responsiveness – are they quick to respond and flexible in finding solutions?  
• Friendliness – are they nice people to do business with?
• Strategic thinking – do they provide insight into key issues affecting your organisation?
• Relevant expertise – do they understand your industry sector?
• Digital expertise – are they comfortable using digital marketing techniques?
• Offline expertise – are they comfortable using offline marketing techniques (eg. print, DM, events etc.)?
• Results – are they results focused, and able to demonstrate results against specified objectives?

Are these appropriate? Have we missed anything? Do you have any other comments or questions regarding this survey? Thanks very much for your assistance.