Always-on selling – the use of mobile apps in channel marketing

“Where’s the latest corporate slide deck?”, “I can’t find the latest promotions information”, “How can I make my presentations more engaging and customer focused?”…..requests we used to hear all the time from sales along the corridors of Brother Towers in Manchester and I’m sure throughout the country from many sales teams to their marketing counterparts. 

To help improve this situation we looked at how the use of mobile technology and apps could give our sales team a competitive edge in a very crowded channel marketplace. Imagining a world where our sales teams could utilise the app as a sales conversation guide rather than death by PowerPoint, where they could access all the relevant partner info to help improve product knowledge and close business from the sales floor to the car park and all designed in a shiny innovative tool that gave great credentials to the brand, we set about working out how to do this.

We coined the phrase ‘Always on Selling’ off the back of this development as now sales had access to real time information and systems without having to rely on wireless network connections when offsite. They could engage with partner sales team in a way that they had never been able to before which led to some impressive ROI and it presented the brand in an innovative and ‘at your side’ fashion which is what we’re all about at Brother. 

In my session at the B2B Marketing Summit I’ll talk you through the development and deployment of the app, how this resulted in improved sales within channel, how we then had to look at transforming the business model and even started developing apps for our own partners.

See you there on the 18 June at 2.55 in the Demand Generation stream.