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Analytics overload causing headache for marketeers

The analytics industry is booming, with analysts predicting the market to be worth $16.52 Billion by 2018, but as marketeers sign-up to more and more tools to track the behaviour of visitors to websites many report of being overwhelmed by the data being presented back to them. While data is hugely useful in identifying online trends, without the right tools it is very difficult to determine what the next step is, and how the behaviour of visitors can be responded to by a brand.

A surprisingly high number of website owners have no KPIs attached to improving the performance of their websites, meaning there is no initial goal to work towards and making improvements to a website difficult to benchmark. We’d encourage brands to look to a single solution for analytics, asset maximisation and lead identification, to simplify the mindfield of information currently bombarding busy marketing teams.

Ben Harris is CEO of Decibel Technology, the company behind Decibel Insight