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The anatomy of the B2B buyer

Dennis Syracuse, CMO of Madison Logic, shares “The Anatomy of the B2B Buyer” infographic to illustrate how B2B buyers are evolving

The B2B digital landscape is changing thanks to shifts in digital technologies and automation. Today’s B2B buyers are more likely to work in groups than alone with an average of 5.4 people involved. All of these decision-makers come to the table with slightly different perspectives and needs, complicating the job of the B2B marketer who must target each on a personal level.

There is also a growing number of millennials seated at the table in today’s B2B marketplace, with 46 percent of buyers falling into this demographic at every stage of the buying cycle. In this new environment, relevancy is more important than ever and 82 percent of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content.


The Anatomy of the B2B Buyer