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Animated video is key to getting messages through

There’s no doubt Pixar is on to a good thing. Having raked in more than $1.4 billion in profit for their first 12 movies, it’s clear animated film is hugely popular. What reason is there not to bring more animation into the corporate world when it’s clearly striking a chord with us at home? With 90% of all video traffic expected to be for web video in 2013, according to Cisco, how are you going to make sure your next video stands out? We all know that film can be a powerful tool in communicating a message to your audience but for some marketers creating one can still be a huge hassle. Whether you’re a marketer that needs to educate your colleagues about a new product or service, or you want to attract more visitors to a website, you’re likely to experience the same budget, production and ROI challenges.  

If you use actors it can be costly and difficult to guarantee the overall production values so many companies are turning to animation to tell a story. By engaging with a team of expert artists and scriptwriters you are able to condense your topic into three engaging minutes, simply and effectively. Because nothing is drawn until the storyboard has been agreed you can be confident the final video will convey your message in exactly the way you planned. Clearly ‘animated video’ is a broad brush and it can be difficult to decide the style that best suits your needs.

Stop-motion animation is probably best known as the style used by Aardman to create Wallace & Gromit but few marketers have the sort of budget necessary to produce 3D characters such as these. There are other stop motion methods that cost far less to produce yet have the same impact. Paper cut out videos (or those that use hands on a whiteboard to physically manipulate images) are becoming popular ways to engage website visitors making them stay longer on the site, or increasing conversions by explaining a concept or service in a way that people want to watch. Video with hands are also a simple way of using visual metaphors which can be very powerful in making the viewer remember something which is useful if you’re looking to explain a complex topic. 

Whether used on a company homepage to describe what you do, or shared among sales staff to educate them about a new product, a simple hand video can really help you build your brand. It can help:

  • Improve the overall browsing experience of your website
  • Share your message or story to a wide audience, not just those that a physically located in your building
  • Your viewers to pass on your message to others easily

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