AR and B2B: really?

I am attending the Augmented Reality Summit this Thursday...

It should be an interesting day, and I’m expecting to be shown some exciting new uses for what is clearly an evolving technology.

But as I evaluate my calendar and think ‘can I really spare the whole day out of the office,’ I have to question to what extent AR is ever going to become a B2B mainstay.

I need no convincing of its future in the B2C world; it is already here.

But its fun, quirkiness makes me question whether or not its application in a business environment is ever going to really take off.

I can imagine the odd campaign making use of it, and it working fantastically well (indeed there have already been a few good examples). But direct mail, email and social media probably aren’t going to be assigned to the scrap heap just yet.

Maybe I’ll see something that will change my mind on Thursday. What do you think?