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Are B2B marketeers putting face-to-face communication on a back burner?

In this digital world it's all too easy to forget the power of looking someone in the eye, giving them a handshake and a smile. People have and always will respond to people!!

I go and visit a lot of very large B2B organisations who have a marketing plan 100 per cent focused on online marketing, email campaigns and telemarketing. Whilst, when executed effectively, this can help nurture and quickly drive leads for the business I would put money on the fact that when purchasing a high ticket IT solution, system or service there is nothing quite like meeting people either at a conference, seminar, executive event or roadshow.

All to often I see that people focus on quick results and cost per lead when, in my opinion, organisations across the world should take a longer term, more strategic view across the full marketing mix and recognize the true value of face-to-face communication.