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Are you doing it right now?

The most powerful tool to support B2B business development should be the marketing case study.  

Creating an effective case study isn’t always straightforward. Too often, case studies are thin, formulaic and un-engaging.  They don’t provide the right kind of content for the reader to find the case study relevant to their business. They don’t stimulate reader to act. The resulting impact is a ‘ what...’ response. 


What makes for the best cases studies? The 5 things you should do


A really effective case study helps trigger the reader to restructure their thinking and fit the successes that you have achieved to their unique business situation. A great case study tells an engaging story and differentiates your brand.


  1. Create an approach for your case study that suits your target market, ask them what they are looking for. 
  2. Conduct objective research with your clients to understand the story of their experience
  3. Use the case study to differentiate your brand, tell it your way
  4. Tell the truth and make it an engaging story
  5. Get a professional to research and write the case study and provide external validation