Are you earning what you deserve? The 2017 B2B Marketing Salary Survey is now open

Complete our short, anonymous salary survey and find out if you're being paid what you deserve

We need to talk about money. We apologise if that makes you feel uncomfortable. Apparently, we Brits are seven times more likely to dish the dirt on our sex lives than discuss how much we earn. But just because we don’t talk about it, doesn’t mean we aren’t interested.

Do B2B marketers earn more working inhouse or for an agency? Which region of the UK has seen the biggest growth in pay in the past 12 months? And how much does a professional qualification add to your income? Following the success of last year’s inaugural B2B Marketing Salary Survey, we're again setting out to discover the answer to these questions (and more) – with the aim of providing a salary benchmark that'll help you determine where you are against national, regional and sector averages for your role.

Please help us by completing our short, anonymous survey which will help us create a picture of the market and provide you with as much detail as possible about the state of the marketplace.

You can complete the B2B Marketing Salary Survey 2017 by clicking here.

This year’s report will be available to all those who register on the B2B Marketing website, and we look forward to sharing the findings with you shortly.