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Are you risking your social reputation?

This month, LinkedIn announced it reached the milestone figure of 200 million members across 200 countries – great news for brands looking to increase their exposure in the social sphere. Yet, companies also face the risk of gathering a mediocre or bad reputation if their ability to communicate or engage on social platforms isn’t up to scratch. And with news surfacing that the majority of top CEOs – 67 per cent – are not using social media, it seems this risk to their reputation increases.

Although these ‘top CEOs’ come from the world’s 50 biggest revenue-generating companies, the survey, conducted by Weber Shandwick, highlights reluctance from CEOs to join the social conversation. When you sit this stat alongside the fact that 49 per cent of respondents to the same survey attach company reputation to the CEO, what does this mean for those businesses without their corporate ‘face’ in the social orb? Many see the CEO as the storyteller of the brand, and without this figure playing this part on social platforms damage could occur.

LinkedIn’s high user numbers means company pages have to add value as they become a destination for increasing numbers of potential employees and customers searching for more information about the brand – a mission statement from the CEO could boost this. CEOs’ accounts need to be public and include the word ‘CEO’ in the biography to boost search results. If a CEO doesn’t have an account – or isn’t ready for one – brands should consider setting up a page in their name that directs visitors to the company page profile to give the CEO a presence that will add value. There are lots of ways to manage and maximise a corporate presence on LinkedIn, for more information download our best practice guide.