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Are you a social media beginner?

Forget email, DM or events – social media is by far my favourite marketing channel. This is for one reason: it’s evolving at a pace that makes it a challenge to keep up. There’s always something new and exciting to talk about and experiment with. However, because of the rapid pace of change, there’s a huge group of marketers that still haven’t got the hang of social media.

So, to help you get started on social we have launched a new series of Beginner’s Guides dedicated to each of the big networks. Over the next few months we will be sharing some solid advice to ensure your social efforts are a success. Here is a sneak peek of some of the everyday tips:

Keep it short and sweet on Twitter
You only have 140 characters, but this doesn’t mean you have to use them all. Just focus on what really matters. Updates shorter than 100 characters have a 17 per cent higher engagement rate, according to Buffer. This means being clear and concise will pay off.

The power is in personal profiles on LinkedIn
While Company Pages on LinkedIn are passive places filled with one-way updates, employees can join the network to get to know customers and prospects. Encourage staff to post content using LinkedIn’s Pulse platform, join Groups and take part in discussions as well as making connections and initiating conversations.

Share videos on Facebook
Videos are a great way to display content on this social network thanks to its auto-play functionality – making it more likely that your audience will interact with the update. A report by Socialbakers has even shown that more brands are now sharing videos on Facebook than YouTube.

Want to learn? Download B2B Marketing's new Beginner's Guides:
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