Are Your Competitors Using Marketing Automation?

According to this Forbes article, less than 10% of companies use fully integrated marketing automation tools such as Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua and others. The author of the article expresses surprise that the number is so low, but considering these tools aren’t cheap and that many B2C businesses with very short sales cycles might not benefit from inbound and marketing automation tools, I don’t find it too surprising.

Marketing automation has made huge inroads into the world of B2B marketing in recent years. It suits the B2B space to a tee (although businesses offering high end B2C goods can also benefit) as products are usually highly priced, with long sales cycles.

Marketing automation tools save time and enable marketers to efficiently manage multiple channels. They also enable closed loop reporting which allows for better communication between sales and marketing teams. This can offer B2B companies a valuable competitive advantage.

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