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Ask not what analysts can do for you...

But in a world where everyone is trying to get the analysts to namecheck their products, how do you get these respected experts on your side?

We asked senior technology marketers across the B2B world how they worked with analysts, and put together some vital “dos and don’ts” that can help you build a relationship with leading analysts that gives you far more than the occasional mention in a report – such as additional industry insight and an understanding of which features and innovations really help you stand out.

The first and most important point is to know your analysts. There are a growing number out there, many of whom are highly specialised. Work out which analysts your customers follow and listen to, and focus your engagement on them.

That engagement isn’t the same as talking to the press: instead of a quick briefing on the latest news, analysts want to understand your products, and your business, in much more detail. They have a report to write or a buyer to answer to, and so need to be able to give an informed opinion. Find out what they really want to know about, and check that the information you’re giving them meets their needs. 

Finally, it might take some time before your input results in that all important report recommendation, so keep in touch with the analyst. That not only means letting them know if anything changes, but perhaps following them on social media to discover their latest thinking and projects. It could lead to another opportunity to get in front of them.

For more detailed tips and insight, download the full report, Essential Do’s and Don’ts of Analyst Engagement.