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Asset management marketing: keep up or evaporate

This post was originally published on the Novacom blog.

User experience in Internet marketing and customer relationship management are critical to all enterprises today. And many more traditional asset managers may feel they are exempt from what they may see as these faddish notions. In reality, they are not.

In fact, nobody is. The experience your potential and existing investors have when visiting your website is now as important to them as investment strategy and performance.

Time is short

The Internet has been around long enough now to have been instrumental in the evolution of a new species: the scan-reader. These people - and they are not just young people - not only scan-read, but if they cannot find what they're looking for instantly, they assume it's not there.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information in the U.S, the average attention span of a human being is now eight seconds. That's one second less than the attention span of a goldfish.


Access is everything

This small window of opportunity means access must be almost instant, and visitors need to be able to navigate your site quickly and intuitively. And when they've arrived at the required page, the information they need should be clear, concise and unequivocal.

This demand for rapid accessibility also goes well beyond purely on-site navigation, to the when and the where access is required. Today, many of your potential investors will search for services such as yours when unable to perform desk-based tasks - when they are travelling.


Mobile and moving

If your target potential investors and existing clients are travelling, then they're aiming to visit your website using a mobile device, and this is going to be a show-stopper if your website is not in a mobile format.

And even if it is, accessibility and engagement are still critical to gaining, maintaining or managing investors. This may require the use of animated financial graphics or 'talking head' videos, so your website needs not only to be mobile, it needs to stream, too.

Communication compromises security

So, communication is critical to maintaining competitive advantage in this crowded marketplace. And to stay ahead, you will need to increase and upgrade your IT to deliver an improved and readily accessible user experience.

You may choose to include some cloud-based services in your offering and you may choose to partner with a third party to deliver these improved services.

Outsource to mitigate risk

Compromising security to deliver better communications and more accessible services is a big risk. Intuitively, it may seem sensible to maintain your in-house IT infrastructure and deliver services through these systems.

But there is a more cost-efficient and secure route: Outsourcing. If you partner with a digital marketing agency that understands your business and has the in-house expertise to deliver accessible and engaging marketing communications systems, you're halfway there.

Be diligent and be safe

And if you carried out robust due diligence in your agency selection process, the other half - digital security - will follow. A small but growing number of digital marketing agencies now work to increasingly rigorous security levels, and like Novacom, carry ISO 9001 for data management services.

The route to gaining and maintaining competitive advantage may seem arduous. In reality, if you focus on delivering blisteringly good investment performance and leave your digital marketing experts to get the story out, the road ahead will be pretty easy.


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