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Attending a Trade Show? Here's How to Stand Out

Trade shows are an exciting opportunity for your business. Your trade show booth is your chance to drum up some valuable leads and get your brand name out there. It's also an excellent networking opportunity and a way of finding customers who will love what you do and, hopefully, become long term customers of your business. But when it comes to trade shows, standing out can be a bit of a challenge. So what can you do to make sure your booth stands out from the crowd?

Make your booth welcoming

Think of your booth a bit like you would think of a shop. It should be easy to access (so don't block the entrance with bulky tables, this isn't an interview!) with a clear flow to it that directs your visitors around the area in a logical way. Your booth should look attractive, decked out in your company colours with your logo clearly on display, and any products or information carefully arranged. If you've got the space, provide a seating area for talking to serious prospects.

Give away value

If you want to stand out from the crowd, provide unbeatable value. This can come in several forms. Useful information that's on point will always be appreciated. Don't forget that one of your best assets is your expertise – being able to solve your visitors' problems or improve their lives in some way will make you stand out. Giving away value also extends to your trade show give-aways – choose items that are practical and will see plenty of use in the future, making sure that your name stays at the forefront of your visitors' minds after the trade show has ended.

Sponsor the event

Depending on the size of the event and your budget, becoming an event sponsor is a fantastic way to get your name not just on your own booth but all over the trade show. If you do become an event sponsor, make the most of it with related promotional items, such as lanyards for visitors to wear their passes on. Try a specialist company who can handle the lanyard printing such as Digital ID who can help you with everything from the lanyard design to making sure they reflect both your brand, colours and personality.

Remember that less is more

It can be tempting to want to share everything about your brand at once when you're setting up your booth, but it helps to remember that less is more. Too much information, whether in the form of displays or what your staff are saying to visitors, can lead to an information overload. Visiting your booth should be interesting and enjoyable. To help that happen, distil your message so it can be delivered clearly with clean, meaningful visuals that will make an impact.

Do something different

No matter how eye-catching your booth, being at a trade show means competing with lots of other businesses for attendees' attention. If you want to stand out, don't be afraid to try something a little different. If it suits the tone of your business, why not try out prize wheels, contests or scratch cards to generate attention and make you stand out? It won't seem gimmicky if you back it up with high quality products and information.

Think upwards

Most trade shows are held in venues with high ceilings, but not many businesses make use of that. Displays with a little extra height can help you to literally stand out above the surrounding booths. Simply opting for a banner that reaches high into the hall can increase your visibility. It's a simple technique, but one that could make a big difference when it comes to catching attendee's eyes as they work their way round the busy show.

Standing out at a trade show isn't the easiest task, but with plenty of preparation and a bold, straightforward approach you can get and keep your audience's attention. Don't forget to follow up with leads after the trade show to make sure all your efforts come to fruition.